Have you ever had a business or nonprofit idea but not enough time or resources to get started?

Want to take your small business or nonprofit to the next level?

We believe entrepreneurship and community should work together. 

We also believe it should be free... Period.

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Welcome to Spring Oath Consulting

Our mission is to maximize the assets of our communities through capacity building consultative services, strategic events for community solidarity, community research, and community advocacy.

What can we do for you?

Business Consulting


Create in-depth reports and presentations on your business’s processes.

Provide forecasts and expectations

Suggest solutions to business problems

Host workshops and staff presentations within your company

Study new and potential trends within an industry

Discover new opportunities and markets for your businesses to expand in

Find new financial avenues to keep your company solvent


NPO Consulting


Create fundraising strategies

Manage major capital campaigns and fundraising pushes

Coordinate an executive search, like hiring a new executive director

Handle board development, such as hiring or coaching new board members

Conduct prospect research or donor retention research

Perform nonprofit feasibility studies

Build a marketing strategy across web, social media, etc.

Support your team’s grant writing process


Meet our Indianapolis team and listen to some of the work our institute side is doing outside of just consulting.

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In our very first quarter in operation, amidst the pandemic, we have delivered paramount service to a number of community groups and neighborhood associations.

31 Projects

We have had the pleasure to advise, provide solutions, and get groups to positive cashflow within 3 months.

294 Hours of Donated Service

These hours only include time spent working on projects or meetings. We believe that donating our time and expertise is the best way we can help our communities grow.

$22,050 Value Added to American Communities

Every donated dollar to Spring Oath Consulting equals $17.72 in service to the community. The money is spent to provide exemplary service to our community members. The more donations we receive the more we can help.

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