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Award Winner

Elroy Johnson

Q4's award winner is Elroy Johnson with Expressway Transformations. 

The Business Accelerator Award is a gift from Spring Oath Consulting for business ideas that meet a desperate need in the market or the community.

The money will go to paying for formation documents for the business or essential cash flow items. 

Active Purpose Foundation in Houston, Texas

This organization has a 16-week after-school sports program for kids ages 7-12. The curriculum uses basketball, kickball, and flag football to teach life skills, social skills, and leadership skills to kids in Houston, Galveston, Texas. Their mission is to decrease delinquency and crime while promoting healthy and productive alternatives for youth outside the city limits. Their business objective is to enroll 25 kids into the program by July of 2022 and have three part time volunteer staff members by then.

NASADAonline.org (National Salvage) in Syracuse, NY 

It is an online auctioning service for salvage vehicles that cannot be repaired. By using this service, insurance companies don’t have to go to the trouble and expense of auctioning items. This not only saves time, but it is much easier to buy and sell items online. Its mission is to transform the wholesale and salvage industry. 

Expressway Transformations for the homeless in South Carolina

Expressway’s mission is to transform the lives of those who are homeless into those of business owners. Spring Oath is also helping Expressway develop a course to be taught by college students in South Carolina for people experiencing homelessness there. We are providing guidance on this process and doing grassroots development of the organization itself. Expressway Transformations is projected to train 25 homeless and generate over $250K in earned income by July 2022.

Autistic Creations in Houston Texas

Autistic Creations is developing a children’s book that helps facilitate successful communication between a newly diagnosed child with autism and his parents. His mission is to inspire and educate families with autistic children. They aspire to have the book shared with all doctor's offices in the city of Houston.

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